Sunday, 28 November 2010


As a thank you to Lou for all the time and effort she has put into the Aussie Scrap Jack blog and a farewell to her this month some of the team have chosen to Jack her as the last Jack here at ASJ with Lou running the show.

Mandy has jacked this stunner.

Just so you know! Bucket loads full of appreciation for all the hard work
you have uploaded here at ASJ! The inspiration is second to none in the
'arty' world of scrapping!! I've loved the ride and will miss your
challenges and will absolutely be seeing you and your amazing work on your
blog!!! Hugs Mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie has jacked this fun layout.

Thanks ever so much Missy Lou for asking me to come on board the team when you took it over. I have enjoyed jacking along with you and the others and will miss the great inspiration that you managed to find for us each month. I will most certainly be popping in and checking out your creations on your blog and hope to one day meet in real life.

Hugs Julie

Kat jacked a combo...

Thank you thank you thank you Lou for an AMAZINGLY fun ride!! I've waited patiently to get my jacks mail each month and have never been disappointed, the gorgeous projects you chose have always been full of inspiration, but I have to say its you that has inspired me the most, you're a special sort of person Lou, both scrappy-wise and personally, yeppers, you ROOOOOOOOKKKKK!!!! ;)

Kat xx

Kerryn jacked this fabulous layout

Lou's style is so immediately identifiable and amazingly unique. There were so many inspirational layouts on her blog. It's not until you really pay attention that you notice all the subtle little details that Lou puts into her layouts. I have had an absolute blast working with you and the ASJ team over the last few months Lou and I'm looking forward to meeting you (properly this time ;) ) at E2C next year!!
x Kerryn

Petrina has chosen to do a "lou inspired LO" as her final jack.

"I didn't even have to go to Lou's blog or look for any layouts as I already knew the bits of Lou's style that I love - a bit of dribbly-ness here, a bit of string there, and most importantly something this feather. "

As I sit back and think of when the whole Aussie Scrapjack thing got off the ground (yes, I went back and found the first post where my first ever jack was uploaded - here way back in 2007!!) I have to agree with everyone else - it has certainly been a sensational ride. In fact......I think I actually met Lou through ASJ when she started jacking with us! How cool is that!

Thank you EVERYONE who has been involved in Aussie Scrapjack, I have met so many wonderful people through this site.




Did I get a huuuuuuuuuuge shock when I found this!!! Oh and I burst into tears!!!!!! Well wouldnt you!!!! :) :) :) Well I am completely lost for words!!! I was thinking that asking the team choose their own jacks for Chrissy would be awesome!!! so so not expecting that they would do this!!!! Farout!! and what they have created for you/me is just amazing!!! I kinda dont want to upload mine now LOL!!!!

This is an emotional post for me!!! in many ways!!! it will be my last as the blog coordinator.
As of January a faaaaaaabulous new Scrapper will be taking over and introducing you to a new team of awesome and inspiring creatives!! But you will need to wait for her to introduce herself LOL!

In the meantime, I just need to say a few words!!! yeah only a few LOL they dont come easy LOL. From the bottom of my scrappy heart I just want to thank Dee and her team for taking me onto the ASJ team and then allowing me the joy and honour of taking it over!!! It was a scrappy dream of mine to be on the ASJ team!!! I just never thought I would make it LOL let alone run the site as well :) :) :). TO The team members past and present quite simply THANK YOU!!!

You are just wonderful wonderful friends and creatives and I trully appreciate the creative committment that you all made to the ASJ spirit of creativity! You are all so very very ........ Faaaaaaaabulous!!!!

I do hope to see you all back next month, sharen your wonderful creativity and cheking out what the awesome new team will share with you!!!!!!!!!

For my final Jack for this year I thought I would go back to the beginning!! I scrapped Erica Glover, The First Jack when this site started in March 2007! I did it then and Im doing it again LOL. Check the link in the side bar to see Erica's Jack layout!

Well that is enough driveling from me!!!

From us all here at ASJ We hope you have a Wonderful and Safe Christmas and New Year!

Much Scrappy You Know WHAT!!!!!

Lou xxooxx


Julie said...

And much love right back at you Missy Lou.

Just love what the girls have done jacking you and can't wait to see what the players come up with.

Leanne said...

wow how amazing and wonderful and super wowzers you are Lou.. you have touched so many peeps as shown by those wonderful jacks.. you should be so proud...

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh Lou!!!!!! thank you so much for your time at ASJ and for ALWAYS being inspiring. Love all the jacks and look forward to playing along AND seeing who the new ASJ'er is :)