Tuesday, 4 March 2008

March jack

Suz Doyle....you have been SCRAPJACKED!!!

We are thrilled to announce this months 'jackee' the wonderfully talented Suz Doyle! I'm sure everyone is familiar with Suz's gorgeous work and we are really excited to have one of her stunning layouts this month to jack.

Suz shares her scrapbooking journey with us:

I’ve had a run of what still seems like extraordinary strokes of luck in my scrapbooking ‘career’.

I still remember how totally thrilled I was when a layout of mine was first published in a scrapbooking magazine around the end of 2004, and not long after I landed my first design team position - with Aussie Scrap Source.

In 2006 I helped launch Tarisota Collections as the site photographer and designer and 2007 saw me on the For Keeps Elite Team.

I’ve always been crafty, I’ve dabbled my way through copious knitting, calligraphy, card making, tapestry and home decorating projects.

I suspect my family is secretly relieved that my colour fixations are now being focused on 12x12 pages rather than entire walls of the houses we live in.

I couldn’t imagine going a day without doing something scrap-related, whether it be just hanging with the kids taking photos, reading my daily round of scrappers blogs, or creating new pages for my children and, hopefully, their children to cherish.

Thanks for sharing that with us Suz and I'm sure most of us would have to agree with you when you say you couldn't imagine going a day without doing something scrap related. :)

And for Suz's totally gorgeous layout:

Isn't it just stunning?
I'm sure you girls will do wonders scrapjacking this gorgeous page. :)
Sharryn :)


Fifiscrapz said...

Hi I have done my Jack and it is on my blog
Great Jack thanks


Diane said...

At last, I've done my scrapjack for this month. It is see-through so it is two-sided,
So much fun!
Oh, and I even used Bella!!!

You can see it all at my blog -

Kylene said...

I've just completed my first Scrapjack. Thanks for the inspiration. Here's hoping the link works.


Moira said...

Kind of a first time for me too ... the first time I've entered. Wonderfully inspiring. You can view my layout here:
Moira's Suz Doyle Scrapjack.