Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Because of the 25th of April being ANZAC day, we decided it would be a great idea to honour an amazingly talented Kiwi Scrapper.

Here Nic tells us a little about herself:

I have been a scrapbooker for 9 years. If I'm not scrapbooking on any given day, I'm thinking about journaling , page topics or something I want to do on my next project. Scrapbooking seems to fit in with what I want to acheive in life - I love savouring the day, I find joy in the small things that used to pass me by, and I have my camera ready to photograph them.

My children are 9, 7 and 4. I love these ages! We get out and about and do fun stuff, they still love being with Mum and Dad , and they are soaking up all the world has to offer. I guess on looking inwards at myself I'm a little sentimental and I'm secretly terrified I'm going to forget some of the amazing stuff we are experiencing - time goes all too fast!

I'm involved in several design teams both locally and within the U.S.A. It's been part of my scrapbooking agenda since about 2003 but to date my largest and most fulfilling accomplishment is the completion of a sole authored book, "That's Life" released in 2007 through a publishing company in the USA. It was through writing this book I learnt to appreciate the little things that make me a scrapbooker - and I learnt to create pages about them. The release of my book has led to more amazing opportunities, including 3 classes which are due to release on Big Picture Scrapbooking any day.

And so, without further ado, here it is, THE layout!!!!!!

I hope you LOVE it as much as we do, gorgeous isnt it? Thanks so much Nic!

You will have until midnight on the 30th of April to get this jack in. Dont forget to email us a copy at aussiescrapjaced@hotmail.com so we can pop it in the slide show.

But stay tuned. This month is Aussie Scrapjack's 1st birthday, so we will be having lots of little giveaways!


booklady said...

Looks great. I'm keen to try this one!

Diane said...

Oh how exciting! Great choice - can't wait to get started.

Bronwyn said...

Awesome we scrapjack Nic all the time just a couple of questions is there any limitations to how many we can put in - like I said Nic is our main inspiration lol we dont have a blog can we put it on a friends blog also never put anything on a online gallery we novices at stuff like this our contact details are rumble.familyatxtra.co.nz

Louise said...

Hey Bronwyn

She is fairly Fabulous isnt she!!!

Just email your LO to Dee at the address on the site and she will put it into the slide show, not everyone puts a link in the comments section

Cheers Louise :)x

PS any further Q's email me anytime
Have fun and cant wait to chek out your LO

Bronwyn said...

Thanks so much for replying to my questions Louise I have sent an email to Aussie Scrapjacked with my page attached hopefully this has worked.
And thanks to Nic we now have another Blog to continually check I think we are blog addicts too

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great layout to jack! Thanks for the Challenge. My take is on my blog http://kwik-kliksscrappbooking.blogspot.com/.

bibtie said...

This is my take on this month's Jack -

Kerryn said...

You can see my take on Nic Howard's layout here; http://kerrynlawson.blogspot.com/2008/04/scrapjack-of-nic-howard.html

Manon Keir said...

Love Nic's work!! here's my take on the LO

Fifiscrapz said...

Love Nics creations too.

My takes on my blog


Diane said...

I love Nic's style. Here is my take on Nic's layout, which I combined with another one of Nic's layouts. You can see my take at my blog

Sarah Schwerin said...

I have just uploaded by entry to my blog! You can see it here:


Thanks for choosing such an awesome scrapbooker to scraplift! This was fun! :)

Bronwyn said...

Loving looking at everyones Nic scrapjacks and reading all your blogs just want to let you know I tried to leave a comment on all your blogs but there were a couple that I tried to that wouldn't let me cos (i'm assuming) i don't have a blog just wanting to let you know they are all gorgeous layouts

Manon Keir said...

I have received your comment Bronwyn, thanks so much, love it when people leave comments :)

Mandy Dodd said...

Loved using the multiple photos!
Always got to love that!
Great LO to jack Nic!!
Thanks heaps
Here's my link

Mandy Dodd

Craft and Scrap said...

Great choice! So fun!

My LO here:


Jo Carey said...

Great Jackee! here's my (last minute) entry for this month!


Anonymous said...