Saturday, 4 September 2010

Design Team September Jacks :) :) :)

Waaaa Hooooooooooo

The DTeamers Jacks are Absolutely Fabulosa!!! IMHO :) LOL
An amazing jack of all three by Petrina :)

A jack of Mel by Louise :)

A Jack of Mandy by Louise :)

An amazing jack of all three by Mandy :)

This amazing jack of Kerry is by Julie :)

This amazing jack of Kerry is by Kerryn :)

This amazing jack of alll three is by Kathleen :)

An Amazing Mel jack by Beth!

Arent they Terrrific!!! Thank you so much guys for such fab Jack inspiration!
Now Guys please dont keep us waiting toooooo long, we just love to see your Jack creativity!!!
Cheers and Happy Scrapping :) :) :)
Lou X

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Heelo Hello

Well are you ready for some amazing Aussie Inspiration????????

I do hope so...... coz we have some woooonderful creatives for you this month!!!!

First up we have the awesome Mel Forbes, isnt this shadow box woooonderful!!!

Next we have the awesome Mandy Dodd, Isnt this costume amazing!!!

And lastly but not lest we have the Awesome Kerry Murray, isnt this Layout Divine!!!!

Arent these creations just glorious!!!!
Well we thought so!! Do chek back on the 5th!!! When the DT will share their Jacks and we will announce our winner and grinner!!!!
Cheers and Happy Scrapjacking
Lou :) :) :)
PS dont forget to share!! link your jack inspired creations in the comments section of this post!!