Sunday, 2 September 2007


Yes Ladies, this amazing scrapper is our jack for the month! I could say heaps about her, but she has said it so well herself, so here is a little about Ngaire :)

About me: Ten things you may not know and may not want to know!! LOLOL:

I would love to be a biker chick, and hope we can buy a Harley when Paul retires. One of the ones with a huge seat with arms.:)
I am a bit of a prude. I am also rather eccentric.
I am terrified of toads, they make me physically ill. Spiders and snakes don’t worry me at all.
My eyes are green with a navy blue rim, and orange flecks.
I am addicted to crossword scratchies and back scratches.
I have my new scrap studio planned in my head… all except the wall colours, ( I am leaning towards a wall of strawberry pink, with red gingham accents..)
I love colour, buttons and ribbons, my favourite paper range is without doubt Basic Grey.
I want another tattoo.
I am very A type, and hate to be wrong. I love an argument, and like EVERYTHING to be in it’s place. I hate disorganisation, clutter and mess.
I have strangely small feet and hands for my height.

My scrap space :
· is in the entrance to our home.
· Is painted a deep yellow/green and has polished wood floors
· Is too small for my needs.
· Has cupboards and draws from Ikea
· Is cluttered and has a huge window to outside.
· Has an antique printers draw for stamp storage.
· Have I mentioned it is too small for my needs??
· Could do with a good clean up.
· Is a part of me.. and a reflection on my taste and my eccentricities.

My Name is Ngaire Bartlam. I live in Brissie Qld , with my darling husband of 15 years Paul, and our girls Georgie and Belle. We have two cats, Rueben and Boo Boo, and a dog, Dougal. A veteran aussie scrapper of 8 ½ years, I have written two books : Lumpy Bumpy and my new book released last year: “Its all about YOU”.
I regularly create for Fiskars, Scrapbook Creations, and Tarisota Collections. A long term tutor for the ISC conventions, I am now a free lance artist and instructor.
I scrap about just about everything.. the good and the bad. The little things and the big, . , My family and friends, and I like to also take the time to create layouts for and about me. My passion is to encourage All women to do the same thing.. as both a record of their family and future generation, and more importantly as a release and as a affirmation of themselves.


And here it is.....what you have all been waiting for! THE layout!

You could not have anything but fun jacking this or another of Ngai's LO's. SO GO FOR IT!!

The prizes this month are HUGE!!!! Just check out the sponsors in the sidebar!

You can jack this LO or pop on over to Ngai's blog and choose a different one :)

If you are new to jacking and would like to give it a go, please follow the link in the sidebar, "how do I jack?" that will tell you how to jack!

Entries this month will close on Friday the 28th of September at Midnight!

Dont forget to send us a copy at please send any questions you have to that email as well.


Lelli said...

me me me am I 1st??

Diane said...

Ngaire. that is a gorgeous, gorgeous layout. I'm looking forward to seeing all the colourful jacks of this one.

Alana said...

WOW! I cannot wait to see the jacks of this layout!! Very YUMMY!

Tash Allen said...

wow what a gorgeous layout! you've got me this month girls.... ;) LOVE Ngai's work... she truly is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love Ngaires LO -this is going to be so much fun!!

karenday said...

im in for this month :D already halfway through. but i picked a different layout :o not that there is anything wrong with the one chosen for scrapjack - its just i was at her blog the other day and loved a layout she had shown :D so am doing that one instead! cant wait to see all the layouts!

Peta's page said...

Hi! Here is my entry. Hope you like it. I had a lot of fun converting the small photo big enough so that it is very grainy which is the look i like. Thanks

Lusi Austin :) said...

What a fab layout from one of the super-star legends of this beautiful craft! Wow - the wonderful Jill last month and the fab Ngai this month! This is great ;)
all your layouts are wonderful to look at from the team :)
thanks for the inspiration! ANd a big congrats to the lovely Diane :)
Lus x

Diane said...

You can see my jack of another of Ngai's amazing pages here

scrappysue said...
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scrappysue said...

here's mine! i lifted a L/O from ngaire's blog