Friday, 27 April 2007


Sam Jones with her gorgeous scrapjack of Erica's layout! Congratulations Sam, we were all very impressed with your page :)It was soooooooo hard to choose a winner though. You should all be congratulated, each and every layout was beautiful, but we could only choose one.

Sam wins the fantastic Erica Glover limited edition stamp from Scrapboxx, and a layout scrapped by Erica! As well as the wonderful prize pack from our major sponsors Bella! What an amazing prize :)

Thankyou to everyone who entered, we hope you will continue to play.
Thankyou also to our sponsors Bella! and Scrapboxx and to our wonderful first Jack ERICA!
We will be announcing the next Jack on the first of may, check back to see who it is, we are sure you will LOVE scrapjacking this person :). The prizes next month are amazing again, got to be in it to win it girls! There will also be another mid monthly challenge, so be sure to check back regularly as when it will be posted is a secret :)

Thursday, 26 April 2007


for the first Aussie Scrapjacked. We are now going through the 60 odd entries to choose a winner. Let me tell you, it's not easy, each and every layout has it's merits. But we will get there, and I promise, you will be the first to know :)

So check back soon, the winner will be announced in the next couple of days :)

And then the Scrapjack for May will be announced on the are going to love this artist, amazing work!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

3 days to go!!!!!

That's right, you have 3 days left to get those last minute scrapjacks in. Dont forget the cut off is on Wednesday the 25th at midnight (EST). Pop a link in a comment so everyone can have a look, and dont forget to send us a copy in an email too.

I dont know how we are going to choose a winner, they are all amazing. Well done everyone :)

The winner will be announced before the end of the month, when we can decide who has won :)

And then the Jack for May will be announced on the first. You are going to LOVE who we have for next month :)

Cant wait to see those last minute jacks girls :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

And the winner of the suprise challenge is....

Fiona Taylor with her gorgeous scraplift of Erica's Heart and Soul LO.
If you could please email me at with your postal details Fiona, I will pop your RAK in the mail.
Thanks so much everyone for entering the little suprise challenge. It was so hard to choose just one winner, they were all fabulous!

Including today, you all have 8 more days to get those scrapjack entries in!!!!! The cut off is April 25th at midnight!

Dont forget the fabulous prize on offer from our major sponsor Bella! and the Erica Glover limited edition stamp kindly donated by our other sponsor this month, Scrapboxx. Add into all of that the page scrapped for you by Erica! What a great bunch of prizes :)

Dont forget to leave a link in your comment to where your LO is displayed, and also email a copy to us at

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Suprise Challenge!!!!!

Who would like to take place in a little suprise challenge? Nothing too hard, and I will send a RAK to the winner :)

By Tuesday April 17th at 11pm, for the chance to win a RAK, you will need to do this.....

Scrapjack Ericas "Heart and Soul" layout directly. Everything, must be placed in exactly the same place that Erica has hers. Colours and title can be different, and you can use different embellishments, but I want to see a direct scrapjack.

Think its an easy one??? I find it more of a challenge to follow something to the letter, hopefully you all find it a bit of a challenge too :)

Cant wait to see what you all do :) Remember Tuesday at 11pm is the cut off. Email your entry to . Dont forget to leave us a link in a comment on this post so we can all see it :) I will announce the winner Wednesday morning.

Have FUN with it :)

Friday, 13 April 2007

New sketch blog!

Just an update to let you all know that there is finally an Aussie sketch blog . The sketch challenges will actually begin on the first of May, so go and check it out. And they are going to have a competition for a design team member, so thats even more reason to go have a look!

I have a few more scrapjacks to load into the slide show tonight, keep em coming girls, we are loving every single one :)

Dont forget the cut off is midnight on the 25th of April. And dont forget to email us a copy to

And dont forget that if you would like your blog added to the list, drop me a line. I have a few of those to add too :)

Have a fantastic scrappy weekend :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

We are astounded

at the diversity of the scrapjacks that are coming in! Fabulous work girls. I hope you are all learning new things in trying a different style.

I have added some more jacks to the slide show, it's looking gorgeous, all those different colours :) And I have some more to add as well. If you dont see your layout in the slide show, could you please send us an email at to make sure that we did recieve it :)

Dont forget that you have until the 25th to get your jack in. Thats 15 days, the cutoff will be midnight EST. And dont forget to leave a link in your comment, and to also email a copy to us at

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Friday, 6 April 2007

Keep them coming!

We are loving all the scrapjacks that are just pouring in, so much so that we have added a slide show so you can see them too. Click on it and wave your mouse over each LO and it will tell you whose it is :).

Get scrapping everyone, you have until the 25th to get your entry in. Dont forget to leave us a link in a comment and also email a copy to . You can email any questions you may have here as well.

If you have a blog and you would like us to add it to our side bar, please send a link to :)

And dont forget to visit our sponsors website Scrapboxx . Bella! is our major sponsor, stay tuned for a website for them, its currently in development. You will be the first to know when it is up and running :)

If you are a store owner or manufacturer and would like to be a sponsor, please email us at . We would love to have you aboard :)

Have a great Easter everyone :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


We here at Aussie Scrapjacked are proud to announce that a great Australian company has decided to join us on our jacking journey. Aussie company Fynmark producers of the Bella! brand of scrapbooking products is going to be giving away a prize to the winner of Aussie Scrapjacked every month :)

We think this is fabulous. Have you had a chance to check out their new chipboard and flowers? We LOVE them, and they are Aussie, even more reason to love them :)

Go out and support a fabulous Australian company, we do :)

So not only will the winner get the fantastic stamp designed by Erica Glover for Scrapboxx and a page scrapped for you by Erica, but some YUMMY Bella! goodies too. So get those entries in girls, you have until the 25th :)

Dont forget to leave us a link to your LO, and also emil us a copy at . The lovely Tammy Templeton has added some information on how to add a hyperlink to a comment. Go check it out :) Thanks for that Tammy :)

Cant wait to see some more jacks :)

Monday, 2 April 2007

The scrapjacks are flooding in!!!!!

Good on you all! Quick off the mark, and they are looking wonderful!
Well here's my jack of Ericas LO. I have reversed it and kept it nice and simple :). I will pop it on my blog tomorrow :)
And here is Petrinas take. LOVE it! Well done Petrina.
Keep them rolling in girls, we are loving looking at them. It's going to be very hard to choose a winner.
Dont forget to go check out our sponsor for this month Scrapboxx
And on the topic of winners and sponsors, check back tomorrow for a HUGE announcement. I'm going to tease you all with what this announcement may be, but let me tell you, we are very, VERY, excited!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sharryn and Tammy's jacks

Here they are girls, the long awaited jacks :)
This is Sharryn's jack. Isn't she a spunk? Same general desgn as Erica's LO, but oh so different. Just stunning Sharryn :) This is Tammy's jack, absolutely gorgeous. See how different it is from Ericas, but how it retains the general design of the LO. Beautiful Tammy :)
Cant wait to see all your scrapjacks girls, we are waiting with bated breath to see who will be the first. Get jacking girls :)
Dont forget to send any questions to or leave a comment :)


Yes Ladies and Gentleman, Erica Glover is our first Aussie Scrapjacked :) Below you will find an example of Ericas gorgeous work. Erica is a Design Team Member at Scrapboxx, and she is also on the Elite Team at For Kepps Creative Scrapbooking. You can scrapjack this LO, or go and scan the Scrapboxx gallery for one that you love and want to lift. Or you can go to Ericas blog for a creation there. Thats all there is to it.
Here is a little about Erica.

* I live in Cabarita Beach NSW, with six kidlets aged 12 down to nine months - all cuter and sweeter and smarter and tougher and cooler than anyone elses blah blah blah!!!

*I have been scrapping for 8 years & I usually scrap once or twice a week but manage to do two or three layouts per session. I love it with a passion and always will but it's the photos and the storys that mean the most to me - hope to be recording parts of my life and my kiddies till the day i die.

* Love love love the whole 'scrapjacked' idea. Love the idea of taking someone elses inspiration and using it as your own - whether its a colour scheme, page design or a teeny tiny corner of a busy page that takes your fancy. I love looking at blogs/mags/galleries for inspiration and allowing the beauty of others' work to 'put me in the mood'!! lol

*The one word i would use to describe my layouts is 'mine'! I scrap what I like,when I like and although I strive to create a layout that is visually pleasing and meaningful I no longer beat myself up over every page - it's a hobby first and foremost and it is important to enjoy the journey.

Thanks for that Erica :)

This month, the lovely Maria at Scrapboxx has climbed aboard the Aussie Scrapjacked train and is sponsoring us. There is a wonderful Clear stamp for the winner, designed by Erica herself and exclusive to Scrapboxx . This is the very last stamp in existance, so you will be winning a piece of history. I am lucky enough to have this stamp and it is wonderful :)

Erica has also offered to scrap a photo for the winner! How cool is that, you will have an Erica Glover original.

So get jacking, dont forget to leave us a link where we can find your LO in your comment. And also a link to the LO you have jacked if you decide to do a different one to this gorgeous creation :)

Please also email a copy to us here at just so we have a copy too :)

Any questions, either email us at or leave a comment :)

And dont forget to go and check out the Aussie Pub calls blog , all the information you need about theme calls for the mags, design team calls, EVERYTHING all in one place!

Check back later today for Sharryn and Tammy's jack of Erica's gorgeous layout :)