Sunday, 15 April 2007

Suprise Challenge!!!!!

Who would like to take place in a little suprise challenge? Nothing too hard, and I will send a RAK to the winner :)

By Tuesday April 17th at 11pm, for the chance to win a RAK, you will need to do this.....

Scrapjack Ericas "Heart and Soul" layout directly. Everything, must be placed in exactly the same place that Erica has hers. Colours and title can be different, and you can use different embellishments, but I want to see a direct scrapjack.

Think its an easy one??? I find it more of a challenge to follow something to the letter, hopefully you all find it a bit of a challenge too :)

Cant wait to see what you all do :) Remember Tuesday at 11pm is the cut off. Email your entry to . Dont forget to leave us a link in a comment on this post so we can all see it :) I will announce the winner Wednesday morning.

Have FUN with it :)


Tammy said...

Yeah I am so in on this challenge.

Lis said...

Just emailed you my exact jack of Erica, and have posted it on my blog here..

I didnt realise how hard it was to copy exactly.

jibiibear said...

Mine is on it's way to you as I type....and can be found here Tales From The Castle Zoo.

Anonymous said...

Here is my copy of the scrapjack of Erica's LO. This is the link:

Thank you


Sharryn Thomson said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with girls!
Sharryn :)

Deb Mullins said...

This is mine. Thanks guys for such a great blog.

Deb Mullins
aka toms mum

Here is my link

Janine said...

Hi all, I have just emailed through my 'Heart & Soul' scrapjack for the surprise challenge. Oh-I love scrapjacking Erica!!!

I will put a copy up on my blog ASAP-

Have a great day

Fiona Taylor said...

My entry is up on two peas - hope this link works!

If not, let me know. Thanks for the opportunity to play :)

Anonymous said...

I've really loved doing this scraplift Heres the link...

Thanks heaps for inspiration


Lara said...

had a go :-)

thanks for the challenge!


Bec said...

Hi gals!! Just adding my entry for this one as well..... if it looks pixelated I'll fix it all up tonight..running late!!

Love n hugz

Anonymous said...

Just adding my LO:

I hope the link works.
I am emailing it to you too.
Thanks for the challenge.

Mel said...

This was so much fun - and as I only found this post today, it also challenged me to do a layout super fast!

Here's my link: