Thursday, 25 October 2007

We need a new team member, and it could be YOU!

Unfortunately, due to other comittments, Tammy James has resigned from her position on the Aussie Scrapjacked team. So we need a new team member, and yes, it could be YOU!

So, how is this going to work, you ask?

All you need to do is enter the October, November and December jacks. We need to see just how you jack, it's as easy as that.

You will also need to shoot us an email to to let us know that you are interested in joining the team. In this email, make sure you tell us WHY you would like to join the team!

It is as easy as that!

So, get those jacks in girls, and dont forget to email us too :)


Petrina McDonald said...

Come on, come on - you know you want to do it!! I can't wait to see who wants to join our team ;-D

Lelli said...

I am not good enough. Good Luck to whomever is the lucky scrapper.

KarenB said...

Here is my entry for this month:

Thank you Megan for the inspiration :)

Helen said...

Hi here is a link to my try.
Thanks for another great challenge.
from Helen

Lelli said...

i think my last comment may have been missed. Here is my contribution:

blurose said...

Hi...i am trying to organise a blog ..just wanted to let you know i am in...and will get my jack to time i hope...:)

blurose said...
hope that works :)

Lea said...

ooh I have just discovered this fantastic site and thought I would take the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration Megan-your work is beautiful. You can see my take here

Janine said...

You can find my Megan scrap jack on my blog

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I have done a jack of Megans LO titled "Puppy love" here
Kirsten N.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link didn't work:

Kirsten N.

Kim G said...

I just got mine in time! It was finished days ago but I've only just photographed it. It is on my blog

Kylie said...
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Kylie said...

Hi there, I have been checking out this site for a while now and have finally decided to have a go at one of your challenges. You can find my take on the LO by Megan at

BELINDA said...
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BELINDA said...

Here is my jack for the month.
I LOVE Megan's work by the way!