Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Here they are!

The jackers jacks!

We have all once again used some wonderful Bella! products on our jack LO's.
Deirdre's ________________________________________________________



Tammy J's_________________________________________________________

Tammy T's ________________________________________________________

And our guest jacker this month is the very talented Fran Tynan! Thanks for joining us Fran :)

We will be announcing the winners of the September jack over the next few days, some of the scrapjacked team are on holidays :)


karenday said...

gorgeous layouts girls!!! wonderful!!!

Alana said...

very nice work girls, love them all! Love Megans layout will do this one ....and I would like to see Rachelle Minett jacked!!!

kimandasmom said...

here is mine..


Sonia said...

OK - have scrapjacked Megan -
layout that i jacked is on Megans blog - the art of being glam

My version is in my gallery
Cheers to meeting new FRIENDS....

thanks for the inspiration Megan.
My Gallery and layout can be seen here

Julie said...

Love Megan's style so had a blast doing this.
Here is my layout:


Julie H xx

Ruey said...

Thanks for the inspiration Jackers!!!

Kim said...

First time here! Thanks for the great LO to jack! Took me some time to get organised but here it is. http://scrappy-doo-spot.blogspot.com/
Thanks heaps