Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Qld Floods - We can help!!!!

I am in such disbelief at the disaster that is unfolding in Queensland at the moment.
I lived in Brisbane for 13 years and am gobsmacked at the water levels and the devastation that has unfortunately put this beautiful place in such a mess.
These places that are affected, just never flood. It's that scary.

Currently, 10 people have lost their lives, 4 of those are children, 70 are still unnaccounted for and thousands have lost their homes.

Most of the families had no time to collect anything and just got out to save their lives.
So there was no time to grab the photos or albums or special memories.

But we as scrapbookers can help these families by providing them with the bases for new memories and the following 2 links are fantastic. - Sharryn Thomson - Sherry Mendoza & Tracey Shenton

So if you want to help, please click on the links and participate.

Or if you would like to donate to the Qld Flood Appeal

As I am partly a Queenslander, I thank you for your help.
And to all those people affected, you are in our thoughts.

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