Sunday, 30 November 2008

............................... You have been Scrapjacked!

Well Guys, I thought I would open the choices up for the last Jack of 2008 and have asked the team to jack who ever they wanted to :) :) :)

That way YOU have the choice, to jack either the ASJ teams layouts or those who were 'Jacked'!

And here they are;

Petrina has jacked Leeann Pearce

Sharryn has jacked Mardi Winen

Louise has jacked Kate Mason

Tammy has jacked Leeann Pearce

I do hope you enjoy this months Jack challenge!!! The winner will recieve a RAK from myself :)

Please Dont forget to link your jack layout to this post in the comments section.

Cheers and Happy Jacking :)

ANNNNNNND .........ILL BE POSTING WHO THE NEW ASJ CONTRIBUTING DT WILL BE FOR 2009 LATER TONIGHT :) :) :) So dont forget to chek back and see which fabulous scrappers will be doing their damndest to inspire you for 2009

Lou xxx

Kathie Link Winner and Grinners :)

Hi Guys

Well Im sure you can all appreciate this is no easy task, but here are the winner and ginners.

Congratulations to you all and thank you ALL for playing along with us :)!

Winner Mandysea [please email me with your address Mandy :)]

And below are our faves






Cheers and Happy Scrapping :)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Kathie Link Jack LAYOUTS

Hi Guys

I just wanted to let you know that Ied still love to see your layouts of the fabulous Kathy Link. I know some of you have linked them in the comments section for the 'Jack' post, but for those who had emailed them thru could you humour me and post a link to your LO to this post in the comments section coz the team would love to see them!!!

Ive organised a nice little RAK to go to the teams fave which I will posted on the last day of November.

Cheers, and Happy Jacking, Lou :) xxx

Here is mine :)
Here is Petrina's

And here is Tammy's
:) I would love to see yours!!!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Here is our first submission for a new Banner!!!!

PMSL I so love it, your tooo quik Petrina!!!!!!!!

The JACK will BE BACK :)

Hi Guys

Its Louise here :)

Well as you can see there have been a couple of changes and there will be a few more as a few last minute details are finalised. But Ied just like to update you with whats happening.
The Fab Miss Dee has given me the opportunity to carry on with her fabulous site, for which I am both excited and grateful! Ive said it before on my blog and Ill say it again, THANK YOU DEE for your commitment and hard work in starting this site and maintaining it as one of our premier Scrap Inspiration Sites!

Well I suppose your wondering what changes might happen? well.......

I've expanded the ASJ Dteam that will help to bring you some faaabulous scrappy inspiration, along with our monthly JACK! But you will have to wait until the new year to find out who they will be :) :) :)

There will be one fabulous Jack per month which will be posted on or about the 5th of the month, but here is where the major change will be,....... you will be required to post a comment in the comment section and include a www link to your layout please :)

The winner [yeah one only] and 5 'faves', will be announced on the final day of the month, after I have harassed the team to let me know their choices. So that means only 1 faaaaaabulous scrapper will receive a prize from our monthly sponsor. Please don't be tooo disappointed by this guys, I kinda figure it is the responsible thing to do in our current economic climate :)

Oh and YES!!!! I am looking for sponsorship, FROM ANY FAABULOUS scrap and or kit business who would like the chance to support us and you our jack scrappers, so pleeeeease feel free to contact me via email We would be ever so grateful!

Now you may have noticed that the blog header is looking a little lame, that's so you will feel inspired to create a new one!!!!!!!!!! Digi, non digi or hybrid, I'm not fussed, so come on guys get creating!!!!!!! and send me thru a photo or scan etc of you think would look great as a new banner for the Aussie Scrapjacked site!!!! Send it to please keep the size to below 300 and get them in before Christmas day please.

What to look out for next month, well the team as you see in the side bar, will be bringing your our special Christmas jacks which will be posted on the 5th of December. You are all very welcome to jack our layouts to be in the running for a RAK that I have have put together, which will be anounced on the last day of December :) I do hope that you want to play along with us, it will get you 'In the Spirit' for some 2009 New Year Scrapjack Fun and Creativity!!!!

Well I think thats all for now, I will keep you updated of further changes,

Cheers for now,

Lou xxx

Happy Scrapping :)


Hi Guys

Just making a few minor adjustments over the next couple of days to the site and then we will update with all the ASJ goss!!!


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Thankyou to all of you who offered to take over the blog. One of the team here at Aussie Scrapjacked has put up their hand!

Who is it? What changes will there be?

Check back soon to find out!!!!!