Sunday, 30 November 2008

............................... You have been Scrapjacked!

Well Guys, I thought I would open the choices up for the last Jack of 2008 and have asked the team to jack who ever they wanted to :) :) :)

That way YOU have the choice, to jack either the ASJ teams layouts or those who were 'Jacked'!

And here they are;

Petrina has jacked Leeann Pearce

Sharryn has jacked Mardi Winen

Louise has jacked Kate Mason

Tammy has jacked Leeann Pearce

I do hope you enjoy this months Jack challenge!!! The winner will recieve a RAK from myself :)

Please Dont forget to link your jack layout to this post in the comments section.

Cheers and Happy Jacking :)

ANNNNNNND .........ILL BE POSTING WHO THE NEW ASJ CONTRIBUTING DT WILL BE FOR 2009 LATER TONIGHT :) :) :) So dont forget to chek back and see which fabulous scrappers will be doing their damndest to inspire you for 2009

Lou xxx


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I joined in on the fun and decided to jack Lou. I love your style as ist so far from mine. I had a grea time scrappin it. Cant wait to see all the others!!

Lisa xx

Bibi said...

Soooo many awesome LOs to choose from! Anyway, I've chosen Sharryn's jack of Mardi Winen - thanks for the inspiration :)


Julie said...

I had a play with this over the past few days and jacked Leeann's chippie idea and layout to alter a diary.

mandysea said...

I adore Lou's work!! (weeeell I love everyones work here!!) Anyway - I've jacked Lou's 'at' LO:
and linked it on my blog.