Monday, 2 July 2007

The Jackers Jacks!

We absolutely loved jacking your LO Sheree!

Deirdre's jack!
Petrina's Jack!

Tammy J's jack!
Tammy T's jack!

Sharryn's jack!

And our guest jacker this month is Janine King!

I have been married to Adam for 12 years and we have two beautiful daughters, Sarah (9 years) and Emma (7 years). I juggle working three days a week as a pre-primary teacher with my girls’ very busy sporting and social lives (READ- I’m the taxi driver!! LOL) I have been scrapping for about 6 years now and am seriously addicted. I scrap as often as I can and if I’m not physically scrapping, I’m reading a scrapping mag, surfing the scrapping sites and blogs, taking more photos to scrap or thinking about scrapping!!!

Happy scrap jacking…
Janine xx

All Janine did to join in the fun of scrapjacking was to nominate Sheree. So get to it girls. You must enterthe jack and nominate to have a chance to be a guest jacker! Too easy :)

And so on to this months prizes :)

We have our major sponsors as usual,

Bella!, who will be giving the winner a HUGE product pack!

Scrapbook Divas, who are giving our winner $30 diva dollars

Scrap Therapy, who are donating a voucher to the value of $15
and Scrapsidaisy, who will be donating a product pack
And joining us this month is Bon's scraps. Bon will be donating a store voucher valued at $20.


Sharryn Thomson said...

Welcome Janine!
Love your jack LO!
C'mon everyone..start scrapping and getting in those awesome jacks of yours!!
Sharryn :)

Sheree McGee said...


I've been hanging out all day to get home and have a look at your LO"s!! And they all look so so fantastic and cool!!! Love all the different variations!!

And woohoooo to you too Janine :-), your LO is gorgeous!! So glad your guest jacker!!

I'm still a tad excited can you tell? lol

Chrissy said...

Absolutely stunning work girls. Love all your layouts!

Vicky said...

done this months Scrapjack, I really love when a new one is released, e-mail sent to the girls, and here is the link to the site where my Scrapjacked is displayed
Thanks again!

Kerry said...

Had great fun with this scrapjack. You will find it displayed at and I have sent an email.

Diane said...

Here is my scrapjack. You can see in on my blog, or here

Sharryn Thomson said... girls are quick!!

Diane said...

Strike while the iron's hot, Sharryn!!!
And I am going to nominate Sarah Van Wijck as someone I'd like to scrapjack.
Where is everyone else posting their nominations?

scrap_it! said...

Love these jacks!
I nominate KIM ARCHER!!!!!

fleurie said...

I had great fun with Sheree's Sketch. You can see it here

I would like to nominate Vita Thai to be scrapjacked....

Diane said...

Kim Archer is another artist high on my list to scrapjack!

Diane said...

Is anyone else nominating? And where?
I'd like to nominate Zina Wright today.

Peg said...

Well here's my Sheree LO

and I would like to nominate....

Lusi Austin!

Thanks guys for another great inspiration, lovin' all your 'jacks' too!

Diane said...

Today I choose Susan Johannes to scrapjack - Love her stuff.

kiwidee said...

Heres me jack of Sherees cool page:

thanks, it was fun as always!!