Saturday, 31 March 2007

Linking Layouts 101

For your “jack” to be considered in the Scrapjack challenge and therefore be eligible for the monthly prize, you will need to leave a comment on here linking your layout. To make things easy on us when we are deciding on a winner, you will also need to email your layout as an attachment (small file size please) to

We don’t want to scare you off with a long list of instructions….we just want to make sure we have all bases covered and that you will know what to do. If you are still having problems, please don’t hesitate to ask via a comment (other people might be having the same troubles) or email your questions to us.

How do you leave a comment?

Click on the highlighted word “comments” below post showing the jack layout. If you do not have a Blogger account it will ask you to open one – just follow the instructions. When you leave a comment telling us how much fun creating your jack was, simply link your layout in the same comment.

How do you make a digital image of your layout?

The simplest way to do this is to place your layout on the floor near a source of plenty of natural light such as a door or window and make sure your camera’s flash is turned off. Stand over the top of your layout and make sure that it is “square” in your viewfinder. You can also crop your image using a photo-editing program such as Picasa (download free from Google). Alternatively could scan and stitch your layout.

How do you link your layout?

Option 1.
Upload your layout to an online gallery. (You will find online galleries on the sites of our sponsors – go to one of them for some hassle free help). Basically you need to open your layout in the gallery of your chosen site so that it is the only one being viewed. Right click your mouse on the image and select “copy image location”. This will save the address of the link on your clipboard so that it can be pasted into your comment. Here’s an example of how it might look:
albums/userpics/ 10690/ normal _DSC09649.JPG (You will need to copy and paste this link for it to work. All the way up to the .JPG part) :)
Another alternative is to right click on the image and select “open link in a new window”. This will open another window showing your layout. Go up to the browser (address bar) and copy the address (this is the “link”) into your comment.
Here’s an example of how this might look:

Both of these options should work but some galleries work a little differently from others so you may need to experiment a little first (try pasting your link into a word doc to see if it works).

Option 2.
Upload your layout to your blog. When it is posted on your blog, click on the title of that post so that it opens up that post only. It will have a code that looks something like this in the address bar – .
Go up to the browser (address bar) and copy the address (this is the link) into your comment.

There you go! Thanks Petrina for writing up this tutorial. Hope you all find it useful :)

In just over 12 hours the first Aussie Scrapjack will be revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! We hope you are as excited as we are, it's going to be so much fun :)

So dont forget to check back here tomorrow to find out who it is, you're going to LOVE her :)


Karen said...

Ahhh How exciting!!!
Cant wait to see who it is!

Kate said...

waiting waiting lol

How exciting

Anonymous said...

ready and waiting,thanks for the great info re "links" Leah

Tammy Templeton said...

Oh it's Sunday!!
I'm excited :D
Thanks for the info on how to add a link to a comment, I've never had to do that before and now I know how :)
We are off to the zoo today so I will check back when I get home! I can't wait to see who the Jackee is ;)

I Scrap therefore I am said...

And if my little tutorial on linking your layouts is confusing the hell out of you and you are feeling a little bit shy and want to come on over to my blog and ask for some help I have put it up over there too. :) Just click on this and it's all over there as well.
Are we having fun yet???


I Scrap therefore I am said...

Ok, just copy and paste that link of funny language - these links are killing me too!!!